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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 This is what I couldn't wait for!!
 Grandma Keri told Santa that Cole needed a wonder horse! He doesn't seem disappointed at all!!

 Grandma Sandy must have REALLY REALLY WANTED a kitchen growing up!
 Where have all the cowboys gone???
 He knows how to use the phone and do the dishes! Sorry ladies he is only available for PLAY dates!
 Cole LOVES Elmo and that is what he asked Santa for.

He got him!`

Christmas Eve At Our House

We were going to see the lights on Temple square but after a late start we just ate in Ogden and went to the court house in Ogden and walked around there to see the lights. Cole really enjoyed the trains!
After that we just came home to open up Christmas P.J.'s.

 Cole had to run around the living room to try out his Elmo slippers. 
He liked them so much Aunt Tosha got a hug!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Is My FAVORITE Time Of Year!!

This weekend I took a photography class! These are some of the pictures that I took! I wish I could have got more but as soon as were we getting ready to head out to take pictures I turned my camera on and "Battery Exhausted" flashed on the screen so I followed the teacher around and listened to all the advise he gave to the other students. I learned tons! Mostly how my camera works!