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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


To keep busy while Brandt we called some friends we have that live in Lehi, Whitney & Kirby Peacock and their son K.J. Whitney had to work tell 1 so I took Cole to the Children's Museum but it had moved so I just let him run around the parking lot and took pictures of him. There was a hot spring right next to the museum so we had a look around there too!

Brandt had a class in Salt Lake City. Cole & I tagged along. When we got down there I needed to use the restroom very bad! I went running into the building. In the door a man asked if he could help me! I was half way through the bathroom door when I asked I could use the restroom. I was not taking no for an answer! When I came out Brandt was standing waiting for me. He said this is a federal building they get nervous when people just come running in. I didn't care! I felt better!

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